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Susan Sly Nutricion Counselor

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   Susan Sly

Susan SLY  BSc. ~ Wellness Coach
ACE Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant
11 years of professional teaching and consulting experience in the Health/Fitness field

Not reaching your goals on a diet or exercise program ?

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"Cleansing; Achieving Results 
When Other Methods Are Not Working"

Are you healthy but in need of losing weight, raising your energy level or adding bulk to your body?

If the answer is yes to any part of this question, Susan Sly can help you right on-line.

Are you confused with what minerals supplements and vitamin you need to take? 

See our suplement for beautiful, slim body and strong muscles:

e-Mail Susan to find out which vitamin and mineral supplements she recommends.

Take the guess work out of your diet.  Lose body fat efficiently without  special foods or drugs.  Take weight off and feel your best now and forever.


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